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Drawing influence from several musical genius’s, I create and maintain a unique sound that can only be fully appreciated if one really understands. I love to create, record, mix, and master audio to the best of my ability – tune in!

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I have been producing AUDIO/MUSIC Professionally for about more than 7 years; I have been engineering audio Professionally for about more than 4 years.
I believe I have slowly but surely been solidifying my position as An expert.

Throughout my first couple years of producing audio, I never would’ve expected how far I was going to go. I was a young teen, in high school when I torrented and downloaded a cracked version of FL Studio, and since then, my life has changed for the better. During college, I learned a lot about the technical side of audio, how to use Pro Tools, and how to route audio within a professional studio console mixer, patch bay, and live room. During my last year of college, I started interning at different studios throughout Los Angeles to gain more knowledge and experience. In 2023, I started working & freelancing as an AV Technician for live event companies who hire professionals in audio, video, and lighting to help set up and run their show business.  

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